Balance Boards

You're looking for a balance board that will give you a great core workout and condition your body for the sport you participate in. Vew-Do has a board for every athlete, boards for kids, and boards for newbies. Our balance boards are made in the US from Canadian Maple wood and designed to last.

Best Balance Boards

You'll find the best balance board for your personal training when you shop online at Vew-Do. Whether you're new to balance training or you've been at it for some time, you'll find our boards provide an exceptional challenge for all levels. Choose from fitness & specialty boards, beginner boards, intermediate boards, and advanced boards.

Standing Desk Boards

Browse Vew-Do for a standing desk balance board that will give your legs, ankles, heels, and toes a great workout during the day. The Zone is ideal for all levels, from beginner to advanced athlete, offering sit-to-stand operation, so you can work your muscles regardless of whether you're on your feet or in your chair.

Surf Balance Boards

Vew-Do is home to the most advanced surf balance board on the market. El Dorado turns fast and offers a whole-body workout like no other. Just 30-minutes on El Dorado a few times a week and you'll stay in shape between surf seasons. Our best-selling balance board includes a 360-degree wobble and foam teeter.

Balance Boards For Kids

Check out Vew-Do when shopping for balance boards for kids. Our beginner boards are the perfect size for kids, and allow you to choose optional accessories to help get them started in balancing. Mini Kids Deck on Foam Roller is ideal for newbies who aren't yet ready for a roller system. They'll spend hours on the mini!