Although the decks are shaped differently both the Flow and Zippy... [MORE]
Difference between the Butter and the Pickle is most evident if the... [MORE]
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"Trees fall because the stability of the root system is compromised; unable to support the rest of the tree. Situational loss of balance and stability in humans suffers from the same circumstance. Strengthen the roots and you strengthen the tree." - Brew Moscarello

Kevin Pearce Vew-Do Balance Board

Vew-Do x LYB Board Pre-Order

Kevin Pearce has been using Vew-Do balance boards ever since he started snowboarding. After a TBI while preparing for the Olympics...

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab Balance

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab

This week we visited Max; an avid Vew-Do rider for the past 3 years. Max suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a bicycle accident in 2010.

Pickle NUB

Balance Training To Stay Young

Balance is like any other muscle in the human body. If you don't use it you loose it. At 73, Rich is continuing to up his game in the sports he enjoys most.

Toe and Heal Balance

Importance of Toe and Heal

When I first started designing and manufacturing balance boards back in 1990 under the Vew-Do Brand, competition was non-existent.

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