Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, questions, questions. Yes, we know, figuring it all out here on the internet can be a challenge but we're here to help. Most of the questions we get are some form of the questions below so check here first. Got a different question? Just click this link and send us an email or see if we’re on chat (we're a small company and do the chat ourselves, rather than outsourcing it). You can even call us if you’d like, we’re usually in the office 9-6pm EST M-F.

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Looking to Buy

1. What is the difference between the Zippy and Flow?

Answer: The shape and length of the decks vary; however, the primary difference is in the design of the rock (roller). The Zippy rock is great for beginner to intermediate combos due to the outriggers, which limit the angle at which the rock can tilt up on toe and heel edge. The Flow rock was designed without outriggers, thereby making it more aggressive on both toe and heel edge.

2. What is the difference between the Butter and Pickle (NUB)?

Answer: The Pickle deck is substantially longer and has an increased nose and tail length, which allows for excellent trick performance, and is great for riders that use a wider stance. The Butter has a shorter deck, which is ideal for multi-functional balance training for all ages.

3. What rock should I order as an add-on?

Answer: Check out this link for help on which rocks work best with each board.

4. How long till you ship?

Answer: We typically ship with 1-3 days; however, expedited processing is available.

5. I live outside the United States, do you ship here and what are the rates?

Answer: If your country is listed on this page we suggest you contact the dealer located in your area. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for USPS rates (UPS rates can be found during checkout).

6. My child is under 5-years old. Do you have a balance board they could use?

Answer: Absolutely! The Butter NUB is very low to the ground, so anyone in the family can use it. (Not only will the kids have a great time, but parents can get a serious work out using the board as well.) However, if your kid is a more advanced athlete, we recommend the Zippy as great starter option. While it’s a challenging board for kids, it’s extremely fun to ride once they get the hang of it.

7. I have a standing desk--do you have a board that would work for me?

Answer: Yes, we have two! The Zone Fitness and the Zone Standup (click here) are both great boards to use at a standing desk. If you’ll be using the board for fitness (or prefer riding barefoot) we recommend the Zone Fitness, as it features a comfortable foam top sheet.

8. I am very athletic and need help picking a board. Can you help?

Answer: Of course, just contact us for more help. We answer emails and chat requests quickly, and would be more than happy to assist you.

9. I’d like to become a Vew-Do Balance Board dealer. How do I sign up?

Answer: Please click here to start--our sales staff will contact you within 24 hours M-F.

10. Can my school order boards directly from you?

Answer: Absolutely. Please click here to start--our sales staff will contact you within 24 hours M-F.

11. My company would like to place a large order for standing desk boards. Can you help?

Answer: Please click here to start--our sales staff will contact you within 24 hours M-F.

Already Own

1. I lost the roller for my board can I get a replacement rock?

Answer:  Absolutely! All our rocks (or rollers) are interchangeable; however, we caution that the Longboard doesn’t work very well with our mini-series rollers.

2. What types of surfaces do these boards work on?

Answer: For boards with rollers, carpeted surfaces work best, as they help the rider control their speed. More advanced riders enjoy riding them on basement, tile, or garage floors, although beginners may find that those surfaces are too fast. The NUB series boards can be ridden on a greater variety of surfaces, both indoors and out.

3. Can I use the boards on hardwood floors?

Answer: We don’t recommended riding on hardwood floors, as the board will move too fast for many riders. The floor may incur damage as well.

4. Can I use the board on a carpet?

Answer: Yes, provided the carpet is not too plush, as this can make the board ride overly slow.