Entry Level Balance Boards

Welcome to Vew-Do Balance Boards. We have the perfect beginner balance boards to help you get started with balance training.

Adding balance training to your workout can help prevent injury, help with rehabilitation, improve your posture, reduce back pain, improve coordination and body awareness, and more! Plus, balance exercises are fun!

Our Balance boards are great for beginners, and we offer roller upgrades to make your training more challenging as you progress.

Here are some top benefits for Balance Boards

  • Enhanced Proprioception. It's a big word, but simply put, balance training helps you keep your balance in situations where you may fall in the past.
  • Fewer Injuries. Balance Board Training will help strengthen your joints, leading to fewer injuries, especially for ankles.
  • Improved Performance in Sports. Balance Board Training applies to nearly every sport allowing you to master control of your body in game situations.
  • Strengthen Your Core. Balance exercises require your body to use your core muscles constantly. It will make your abs and erector spinae stronger - which can lead to less lower back pain. You can even perform weight training exercises on a balance board to increase the intensity of your training.
Shop our selection of beginner balance boards below. We have boards for adults and kids.  
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