It is almost impossible to outgrow or outperform our boards. When you have one mastered, simply order a different rock (roller) for the base and you get a whole new level of movement. Want the whole family to be able to use them, get a couple different rollers and everyone will have a challenge of their own. Of course, you can get a Vew-Do t-shirt to show you love of balance off to the world. We’ll be adding more accessories as we go, so check back to see what’s new.

If you have the Zone:
Turn this already stable board into a monster by picking up the Mini Flow or Mini Sk8 rocks. Both are challenging and will seriously push your toe/heel movements to new levels. If you want to keep it easy, try the Mini 101This is one of our most stable rocks, and is perfect for riders who are using weights, or for those who are just starting out.

If you have the Zippy or Flow:
Switch it up and try a Flow rock with the Zippy, or Zippy rock with the Flow. Take either board to the next level by picking up the Indy Rock, or take a step back by picking up a foam teeter.

If you have the El Dorado:
Many say that the El Dorado is perfect as is, but you still switch it up with our Indy rock to work on your ollies and skate style tricks. We made the Indy with a slightly wider channel, which helps getting the track back in the groove.

If you have the Longboard:
We love using the Indy rock, or even something completely different, the Zippy rock. We find that our riders really enjoy the feedback the outriggers provide when you start working on toe/heel movements.

If you have the Butter or Pickle NUB:
…or anything else, get our Vew-Do branded mat! These durable mats are designed to help protect wood floors, and even work on top of other mats or carpets. Use them either indoors or out really start having some fun on your new board!

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