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"Trees fall because the stability of the root system is compromised; unable to support the rest of the tree. Situational loss of balance and stability in humans suffers from the same circumstance. Strengthen the roots and you strengthen the tree." - Brew Moscarello

What does balance mean to you?

What does balance mean to you?

If you were to ask this question to different people, chances are you would get a variety of different answers.

Standup Desk Balance Board

Vew-Do Launches the Zone Balance Board

A progressive balance system which provides the benefits of balance training almost anywhere; at the gym, in the home and even in the office.

Balance Board

Baseball Power & Eye-Hand Coordination

While some traits may be individual to a particular sport, there is one in particular that is required to excel at any sport- and that is having a strong core balance.

Toe and Heel Balance

Importance of Toe and Heel

When I first started designing and manufacturing balance boards back in 1990 under the Vew-Do Brand, competition was non-existent.

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