Yoga Zone Boards

Vew-Do Zone. The Ultimate Balance Board For Yoga - In the studio, at home, or on the go! Now 10% off for a limited time!

Vew-Do Zone balance boards combined with Yoga will strengthen areas of instability, allowing people of all abilities to expand their yoga workouts for increased levels of intensity!

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The Vew-Do Zone Balance Board is the only balance board designed with yoga enthusiasts in mind! Our mahogany board and foam top was created to help yogis increase intensity by adding an unstable base to replicate the experience of Paddle Board Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Yoga (SUP).

The design of the rollers allows users to graduate through varying levels of difficulty at their own pace. Each roller engaging significantly more muscle groups within the users core resulting in much higher levels of muscle activation.

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Each board is hand made in the USA in Utah with high-grade components and shipped free to anyone in the lower 48. The compact design makes traveling with the Zone board quick and easy!

I really love using my zone board to intensify my yoga practice. It adds a challenge to my practice and helps me advance my overall strength and balance on and off the mat!”


The Zone board allows me to add just enough challenge to a wide variety of yoga poses while still being able to be fluid in movement and feel safe making transitions. The increased surface area, foam top, and base options make this a really great board for taking your asana practice to the next level."


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