Improve Your Hockey Skills On and Off The Ice.

The need for exceptional balance while playing hockey is vital for those looking to excel at the sport. Maintaining proper balance for extended periods of time keeps players on their feet and in the action longer. Like most other sports—you cannot do much when you get knocked to the ice.

The use of a Vew-Do balance board strengthens the muscles in the body used for balance and endurance—primarily the core. With as little as 15 minutes a day, hockey players can train their bodies to balance better in all situations. Every hockey skill—from skating to puck control to passing and shooting—requires strong balance to perform at top capacity.

A Vew-Do balance board is unique compared to other options by allowing athletes to put the board on edge and take their training to another level. Vew-Do boards do more than the typical back and forth for which balance boards are known.

Vew-Do balance boards also help hockey players avoid injuries through strengthening and stabilizing the ankles. When a hockey player’s body is able to sense movement, action, and location at a greater level thanks to training with a Vew-Do balance board, they also see improved performance on the ice.

Bought this item as a family Christmas present and it was a big hit for everyone. I have a family of surfers, skaters and snowboarders ranging from 11years to 49 years old. Well made and fun. The boys love practicing tricks on it. We had another one that was cheep and not so fun! Would definitely recommend this company. It always feels good to support a company that makes their products in the USA. Thanks!

Oregon, USA
I liked the flexibility the vewdo board has over competitors as it was very easy to get the surf to balance... the challenge comes in when you add the ability to turn and spin. If you have done some balance activities before, you may pick up on the surf quickly. I enjoy my surf, and my kids do too! Will be looking at other board for the kiddos so I don't have to share. Also, I had great customer service and the team was quick to respond to my multiple questions. Great brand and great product.

Nashville, USA

Great product Love the surf 33. Much more versatile than my indo board. I catch myself jumping on it every time I walk past it!

North Carolina, USA

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