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Your Balance is our Passion - The Vew-Do Story

Posted by Dave on 1/12/2017 to News

Vew-Do has a story and we’re finally happy to share some of it in our new brand video. Brew started this company back when MTV played real videos and snowboarding was still a relatively new sport. A lot has changed in the world since then but Vew-Do's passion for improving your balance has stayed the same.

It’s been fun to work with people that share that passion as well. One of those people is Adam Von Rothfelder. Adam’s a fitness expert that has been featured on NBC, Shape Magazine, Mens Fitness and more and is a big advocate for the need for balance training. It was Adam that gave us the quote “Stability is an illusion. If you want true balance you have to work consistently towards it.” Adam has a Vew-Do board stock in his gym, Como Fitness in Milwaukee as well as in California where he’s establishing his Earn-the-Day Training Program

The video was a ton of fun to put together and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Mike Nick at Four Nine Design in Burlington, Vermont and videographer Shane McFalls at Mondo Media Works in Brattleboro, Vermont. They’re both avid outdoor freaks and completely understood what we were trying to accomplish right from the get-go. They also did our entire collection of product videos as well.

Vew-Do has been at this a long time and we’re proud of our past but it is the future we’re most excited about. Balance training is becoming more mainstream everyday as more an more people discover all the benefits it provides. We have a long list of additional videos we’ll be producing in the coming months and hope you subscribe or follow us online. And of course, we want to see your balance videos on your Vew-Do board.

Standing Desk Balance Board Sale! Zone Standup is $30 Off!!

Posted by Keith on 12/15/2016 to News

We all know sitting is bad for you, but standing all day still isn't the answer. We need motion to help keep our bodies and minds focused and energized, and the Zone Stand-up does exactly that. Using our progressive system, you get to choose the type of motion: from simple toe-heel rocking, to lateral teetering, to full motion wobble. Add the optional roller, and you have a full-blown balance training system. No other balance trainer—whether designed for the office, gym, or home—allows you to control the level of motion like the Zone Stand-Up.

All three colorways are in stock, $30 off and have free US shipping! Order now till Monday and get it by Christmas!!

Vew-Do Zone Standup Balance Board [Agua]
Vew-Do Zone Standup Balance Board [Chocolate]
Vew-Do Zone Standup Balance Board [Sand]

Sale ends 12/19/2016 so act fast!

Get your orders by Christmas!

Posted by Keith on 12/14/2016 to News
Get your orders by Christmas!

Still lots of time to get your orders in before Christmas! The last day to safely get your orders by Christmas is December 19th at 3pm, no order placed after using UPS Ground is guaranteed to arrive on time.

Standard UPS Ground shipping - Order by 12/19 (3pm EST)
Expedited UPS Three Day Select Day Shipping - Order by 12/20 (9am EST)
Priority UPS Second Day Shipping - Order by 12/21(9am EST)
Express UPS Overnight Shipping - Order by 12/22 (9am EST)

ATTENTION: We ship out of two locations! The above map is for our factory, but we also can ship out of Vermont. If you are in the Northeast contact us when placing your order. Free shipping may be possible for you till the 20th!!

Guinness Book of World Records Holder Tatum Braun

Posted by Dave on 11/16/2016 to News
Guinness Book of World Records Holder Tatum Braun

At one point or another, everyone thinks to themselves that it would be cool to have your name in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Well one Vermont family has two in the Book for ‘longest duration balance board’.   The current record holder is Tatum Braun, now a college freshman, who set the high bar on July 10th, 2015, riding a Vew-Do El Dorado balance board.  The first person to hold this record was Tatum’s mom, Cricket, in 2005, also on a Vew-Do board.

Bringing Movement into the Office

Posted by Dave on 11/7/2016 to News

So your company got you that cool standing desk or one of those funky desktop risers that allow you to change between a standing and sitting desk. Congrats, but you haven’t completely solved your problem. You’ve got to add motion and now that’s easy with the Vew-Do Zone and its progressive levels of movement.

Studies have shown that sitting all day is shortening your life. More studies show that standing desks help, but not as much as everyone originally thought they did. They add some movement to your day, but only just a little. Most people we know with standing desks like to shift between sitting and standing, and that adds a bit more movement. If you really want to get yourself moving, without leaving your desk, just slide the Vew-Do Zone under your feet and you can add all the movement you want, keeping you more alert while you burn calories and build core strength and balance skills.

The Zone is unique as it allows the user to set the amount of movement with a progressive system that is easy to change as many times as desired. You can choose just a little bit of toe-heel rocking motion with the board just an inch off the floor. You can add the dual direction foam teeter which allows both side-to-side movement and a more aggressive toe-heel movement with the added cushioning of the foam. You can choose the magnetically attached wobble that provides multidirectional movement, including rotation, but rests comfortably in the middle if needed.

Vew-Do Zone Fitness Balance Board

Posted by Keith on 11/4/2016 to News

The Zone Fitness Balance Board is a complete balance training system for anyone looking to gain from the significant benefits of balance training. Anyone who can walk can benefit from balance training – whether you're an elite athlete or novice, a toddler or senior, in-shape or out, there are benefits for all. Some of the primary benefits include better balance, increased core and lower body strength and better coordination. Additional benefits include faster reaction times, more power, reduced risk of injury and more confidence. The best part of using the Zone Fitness System is it is fun.

Vew-Do Launches the Zone Balance Board, the Most Versatile Balance Product available for Gym, Home or Office

Posted by Dave on 10/21/2016 to News
Vew-Do Launches the Zone Balance Board, the Most Versatile Balance Product available for Gym, Home or Office

Manchester Center, VT; Vew-Do Balance Boards, the leading manufacturer of performance balance boards, today announced the introduction of the Zone Balance Board, a progressive balance system which provides the benefits of balance training almost anywhere; at the gym, in the home and even in the office. The Zone Balance Board features a unique system that makes the product adaptable to almost any need; from absolute beginner to elite athletes, injury rehabilitation or prevention, toddlers to senior citizens. The new Zone is the result of Vew-Do's years of balance development and core fitness experience working with athletes and individuals from all walks of life.

"The Zone's versatility allows every user to experience the benefits of balance training at their own level, pace and location," said Brew Moscarello, founder of Balance Designs.  The Zone is at home in health clubs, fitness rooms, physical therapy centers, living rooms, even offices and conference rooms.  "We are especially excited at how well this product works with a stand-up desk - bringing real balance training and movement into the office," Moscarello added.

Vew-Do Dealer Spotlight - Hickory & Tweed

Posted by Keith on 10/18/2016 to News
Vew-Do Dealer Spotlight - Hickory & Tweed
Established in 1961, Hickory & Tweed the premiere ski and cycle shop serving Westchester & Fairfield counties and the New York City metro area for 55 years. Our name pays homage to the origins of the sport of skiing itself, with hickory being the wood of choice for first generation skis and tweed wool being the most common layering insulation at the time - hence the name, Hickory & Tweed. We sell products we love, service bikes, skis & boards, and always work hard at getting things right!
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