Get your orders by Christmas!

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Get your orders by Christmas!

Still lots of time to get your orders in before Christmas! The last day to safely get your orders by Christmas to most of the US is December 18th at 9am, orders placed after may not make it in time. Please use the above map to get an estimated ship time.

Standard UPS Ground shipping - Order by 12/18 (9am EST)
Expedited UPS Three Day Select Day Shipping - Order by 12/19 (9am EST)
Priority UPS Second Day Shipping - Order by 12/20 (9am EST)
Express UPS Overnight Shipping - Order by 12/21 (9am EST)

Brew testing out the all new Surf 33

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Balance Boards, Inc. Provides Amazing Therapy Tools - Hey that's us!!

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Michelle Bonang, OT, RCYT, SIPT Certified of Pediatric Play Occupational Therapy just did a great write up of both Snurfer and Vew-Do -

As a pediatric occupational therapist, balance is at the forefront of each and every therapy session. An evaluation is not performed without assessing balance. When an individual is unable to achieve a state of balance through various sensorimotor channels developmental milestones are not achieved and progress is challenged. Balance is a complex system that relies on input from the eyes, proprioceptive system (muscles and joints) and vestibular system. This input is sorted out and integrated at the neurological level allowing for adequate motor output resulting in balance.

Balance Board Svend Press Variation

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When doing a Svend Press, adding a balance board may look easy.  However, if you stay focused on maintaining good form, keep solid pressure on the weight, and slow it down, you’ll feel the effectiveness on your inner pecs very fast.

Muscle Groups TargetedChest, Shoulders, Forearms and Triceps

Sam Tabor - Best Balance Board Ever?!

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Sam Tabor just found out that there are such things as REAL balance need for skate decks and soda bottles Sam!

"I never knew a real balance board even existed! Big thanks to Vew-Do for sending me this, it's so fun! Hope you guys dig this! Subscribe for daily videos, click the bell and thanks for watching!

Buy a balance board!"