Balance Training

Balance is not to be taken for granted, but many of us do. Balance is like strength. If you want to get stronger, you need to work out. If you want better balance, and all the benefits that come with that, you need to work on it. A Vew-Do Balance Board is the ultimate tool for building better balance. It’s 3-D movement is unique among balance boards and gives you the most complete balance workout you can get and the benefits cross-over into just about anything else you do. Want to be better at any other sport? Add balance training to your efforts. Want to reduce the risk of injuries due to falls? Add balance training to your workout. Want to tighten up your core? Add balance training to your workout. Want better coordination? Add balance training.

Balance training works through destabilization. Once you stand on a balance board, you’ve destabilized your body, which instantly goes to work trying to stabilize itself by working from the core out. Your core and lower body are in constant communication with your brain, and all the muscles around your core, knees, ankles, hips and legs get a great workout. Once you’re comfortable on a balance board you use all these muscles to get the board to rock, spin and tilt at your command.

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