Nobody likes to get injured and getting back into shape after an injury can be challenging. For many types of rehabilitation, riding a Vew-Do balance board provides the perfect low-impact movements needed to get you back to peak performance. When you need a progressive system, the Zone Balance Board has five levels of movement from basic to advanced. The NUB is another great choice for simple to advanced moves all on a board that keeps you close to the ground.

Vew-Do Zone Series
When it come to rehabilitative balance training, strengthening and conditioning, there's no more complete system than the Vew-Do Zone. With its multi level progression system, and full EVA foam top deck, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and athletic trainers alike have the all the tools necessary for everything from basic proprioceptive training to traumatic brain injury recovery.

Why it's good: The most versatile board in our line, the Zone series can really do anything. If your goal is to work on injury recovery and prevention, this is the board for you.
Suggested Rocks: Mini 101, Mini Flow & Mini Skate.

Vew-Do Butter NUB Balance Board
The Butter is one of our two NUB designed balance trainers allowing for a smooth transition from the Zone to our traditional style balance board training. With no moving parts yet full 360 degrees of rotation on three separate fulcrums, the Butter is a fantastic rehabilitative tool for the return to sport athlete as well as aging active adults.

Why it's good: Low impact, easy to store and the best rotational balance trainer on the planet. With no moving parts and being very close to the ground, this is a great board to keep handy in the living room to help increase balance.
Suggested Rocks: None! The Hub and Nub system do it all.

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