Balance Board Exercises

Learn different balance board exercises demonstrated by our partner Mike from Evolution Physical Therapy & Fitness.

Mike will walk you through some basic to intermediate exercises using the Vew-do Zippy Balance Board and Zone Balance Board.

We recommend you start at the top and work your way through the exercises in the order they are displayed.

The Basics

Learn how to find your balance - regular or goofy style. Slowly rock into your top leg. Use your core and glutes to find a comfortable position while activating the right muscle groups.

The Squat

Once you have your balance, tighten up your core muscles and push your hips backwards and counterbalance with your arms forward. For a more advanced movement, keep your arms in close.

Upper Body Plank

Find the center-point of the board, while coming into Plank. Keep your abs tight, glutes squeezed, quads strong and shoulders push down and back.

Push Ups

After mastering Plank, get back into the Plank position. Simply lower yourself slowly down to the chest and push back up while maintaining balance.

Lower Body Plank

Using a Zone Board, start by putting yourself into a Plank position with a tight core, glutes squeezed, quads tight and shoulder down and back. Push down into the ground. You can increase the difficulty by doing push ups in this position.

The Grab

Keep your core tight and glutes squeezed as you reach all the way down to the center of the board with your right hand. Go back to the top and repeat the movement with your left hand.