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What does balance mean to you?

Posted by on 5/24/2016 to News

What does balance mean to you?

If you were to ask this question to different people, chances are you would get a variety of different answers. Being a subjective question, the response would depend on a person’s experiences rather than any Webster dictionary definitions.

So, what does Brew Moscarello, founder and owner of Balance Designs, Inc. -a company focused on products for keeping one’s center- have to say when posed with the same question

“It’s about being in tune with one’s center. Everything starts at the core, so having a strong core is essential.

You can tell this is not a simple, one dimensional question for Brew. His face lights up. His answer both relaxed and punctuated with careful consideration. He rocks back and forth on the Butter Nub board- a board  created to help with universal balance and fitness training- on a wooden platform that he discovered in the middle of an off-roading trail. This wooden platform that resembles some sort of a flush, raised pallet teeters imbalanced on the uneven ground and adds another level of maneuverability for him to try and center the Butter Nub board on. As he speaks, he continues to try and keep the two levels from throwing him off.

“There is an awareness of being balanced that one has to get to, before they can actually be balanced.

The first time Brew had ever seen a balance board, he was in college and his girlfriend at the time had a bongo board in her basement. He asked if he could borrow it, and she agreed, but was specific that only if he returned it when he was finished. As most great romances start, Brew and the bongo board took to each other immediately and although he and that girl would take separate paths in life, Brew and the balance board never parted. Now that very board hangs proudly on his wall as the original inspiration for reinventing the balance board and starting Vew-Do twenty-five years ago in 1990.  

“Sport training is no longer one dimensional. Why should it be?”

In today’s society, people are active in a variety of different ways, but one of the core components that unifies most fitness activities and sports is balance. Before you can excel at any fitness level, you must first be able to steady yourself. Steadying yourself is so quintessential to physical ability and strength, it transcends just holding a yoga pose, snowboarding down a mountain, or lifting weight. It is equally important in the world of rehabilitation, and Vew-Do recently collaborated with the Love Your Brain Foundation, an organization focused on promoting positive brain injury prevention and recovery, by developing a board that is specifically tailored to help people recovering from brain injuries to build stamina and balance, but also donates a large part of the profits directly to the foundation to aid in research.

“When you’re in balance, you’re more understanding of everything.”

The longer I discussed the physical benefits of using a Vew-Do board with Brew, it became apparent that he was talking about a deeper sense of balance than one might first assume-  deeper than just being able to hold even on a Vew-Do board. He strung together stories about work and parenting and triumphs and failures. Everyday stories that we can all relate to in one way or another and that had been positively affected by the balance that he has sought throughout his work and has made it‘s way into every day of his life. To him, balance comes physically but also mentally, and at the core of Balance Designs, Inc is man who lives a passionately balanced life where work is play.

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