Vew-Do Zone Fitness/Standup Desk Balance Board [Blue w/Lime EVA Top]
Blue w/Lime EVA Top

Vew-Do Zone Fitness/Standup Desk Balance Board [Blue w/Lime EVA Top]

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Great for the Gym or Stand-Up Desks!
Part Number:B-2593-03-2-bluelime
  • Entry Level Boards
  • What's In The Box:
  • Zone Deck with EVA Top
  • Wood Wobble
  • Foam Teeter
  • Please note: Rock not included
  • Good For:
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Rehabilitation
  • Standing Desk
  • Gyms/Fitness Training

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Discounted Accessories (Optional) help
4 x 4 Riding Mat (Black) [+$69.95]
Mini 101 Rock (Beginner) [+$29.94]
Mini 301 Rock (Intermediate) [+$29.94]
Add a NUB Board (Optional)
Pickle NUB Board [+$109.95]

Zone Fitness & Standup Desk System – Where fitness meets fun

The Zone Fitness System is a complete balance training package for anyone looking to gain from the significant benefits of balance training. Anyone who can walk can benefit from balance training – whether you're an elite athlete or novice, a toddler or senior, in-shape or out, there are benefits for all. Some of the primary benefits include better balance, increased core and lower body strength and better coordination. Additional benefits include faster reaction times, more power, reduced risk of injury and more confidence. (You can read more about these benefits here). The best part of using the Zone Fitness System is it is fun.

The Zone Fitness System progresses from very basic to very advanced balance movements allowing total adaptability to anyone's fitness needs. From simple toe-heel rocking to lateral teetering to full motion wobble to the 3D motion with the roller, no other balance trainer allows you to control the level of motion like the Zone Fitness System does.

We've worked with sports trainers, physical therapists and athletes of all kinds over the years which has led us to our progressive balance system. The Zone Fitness System can be used in the gym, the home or even the office, extending your workout opportunities and it is easily transportable between locations. Once you're stable on the board, start adding other fitness routines like squats or pushups using the Zone to amplify the results. Next use kettle weights, barbells, medicine balls or battle ropes while balancing on the Zone. Use the notches in the end of the board with strength bands for another very effective exercise. As your body works to stabilize itself at each level, you activate your core and all the muscles needed around your joints and lower body resulting in a far more effective workout.

The Zone Fitness Balance Board lets you choose the level of movement you want:

  • Toe-Heel Rocker – Balancing on the 13.5 in wide deck with half-moon Nubs allows controlled toe-to-heel rocker movements while remaining less than one inch off the ground.
  • Toe-Heel Teeter – Use the bidirectional foam teeter attached to the I-beam using the long channel for a more aggressive toe-heel teeter.
  • Nose-Tail Teeter – Place the bidirectional foam teeter beneath the deck using the short channel for lateral teeter action.
  • 360 Wobble – Add the hardwood "wobble" base for multi-axis movement and a full 360 degrees of rotation.
  • Roller – Place the optional 101 Rock (roller) beneath the board to add maximum lateral motion as the deck and roller move in unison along the I-beam track. The Zone is designed for use with any of our other performance rollers allowing for increased toe-heel and rotational movements (available separately).

The Zone Fitness is made in the USA from sustainably sourced hardwoods laminated into a 9-ply construction, finished with a beautiful wood stain with 5 mm EVA foam padding for traction and comfort. It is built to last for years of movement.

Features and Specifications

  • 26 in x 13.5 in hardwood laminated deck with easy carry handle (66 cm x 34 cm)
  • 17 in Vertically laminated hard maple I-Beam with tapered 'Nub' end-stops (43 cm)
  • Dual urethane grip strips compatible with optional rollers for maximum motion and control
  • Strength band cutouts for use with many types of fitness bands
  • 5 mm EVA foam padded top for traction and comfort
  • 17 in vertically laminated hard maple I-Beam with tapered 'Nub' end-stops (43 cm)
  • Dual Directional Foam Teeter for both toe-heel and lateral teeter motion; 3 in high, 6 in wide, 11.5 in long (7 cm x 14.5 cm x 29 cm)
  • Hardwood Wobble; 4 in diameter, 1.75 in high with 2 in primary riding surface (10 cm x 4.45 cm x 5 cm)
  • 3 in diameter hardwood "101 Rock" (roller), 7 in long with I-beam channel and 0 degree taper (7.6 cm x 18 cm) .
  • Easy transport design with teeter and wobble attached to I-Beam
  • USA Made to Last

Designed for those who don't like to sit around all day. Whether you're working behind a stand-up desk, manning the phones, or playing video games, put the Vew-Do Zone Stand-Up under your feet and get a whole lot more movement out of your day. We all know sitting is bad for you, but standing all day still isn't the answer. We need motion to help keep our bodies and minds focused and energized, and the Zone Stand-up does exactly that. Using our progressive system, you get to choose the type of motion: from simple toe-heel rocking, to lateral teetering, to full motion wobble. Add the optional roller, and you have a full-blown balance training system. No other balance trainer—whether designed for the office, gym, or home—allows you to control the level of motion like the Zone Stand-Up.

5 Stars
Fantastic board
Appropriate for the office and offering far more versatility and options than other manufacturers. I have sciatica and have found that the board offers me relief, so much so that I find myself standing for a majority of the day!
Reviewed by:  from NH. on 11/7/2016

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