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Vew-Do Zippy Balance Board w/Rock & Foam Teeter
Zippy Deck and Rock

Vew-Do Zippy Balance Board w/Rock & Foam Teeter

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Zippy Deck and Rock Combo:

The 2017 Zippy is the original Vew-Do Balance Board. Still true to the traditional style, the Zippy is a versatile board that can provide beneficial balance training and fun for anyone in the family.  Maintaining our signature  360 degree mobility, it provides greater stability using a rock designed with outriggers that act as a balance guide.

The Zippy features a non-toxic, anti-slip STS riding surface and a 6 ply sustainable 100% North American maple deck. The rock has a 19 degree outrigger training system providing extra stability  for the rider making it a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate riders alike.

Difference between the Zippy and the Flow:

Although the decks are shaped differently both the Flow and Zippy decks have the same overall running length and are similar in performance. The most significant difference in performance is designed around the Rocks (or rollers). The longer Zippy rock is machined with our patented outrigger design which act as "training wheels" when a rider applies toe or heal pressure to the board. The outriggers allow for increased stability when performing maneuvers requiring toe and heal pressure such as turning spinning and tilting. It's the outrigger design that makes the Zippy ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Conversely the outrigger-less design of the Flow rock allows the rider to achieve greater toe and heal performance at higher angles thereby making the Flow more challenging and performance driven. The Flow is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

5 Stars
knee surgery patient
Love the balance board so far. I've been using it to rehab after knee surgery and it's been very helpful for building strength and balance. My 5 year old daughter and my wife are also enjoying using it for balance and fun. I think it would be a great learning tool for practicing snowboarding or skateboarding balance. Only complaint is that customer service was lacking. No one ever answered the phone or returned my emails, but the board was shipped within a week.
Reviewed by:  from Denver. on 3/5/2014
5 Stars
Love the board!
The board is well made and the balance work is both fun and challenging. We have a variety of athletes in our family who use it daily. Plus, I'm convinced balance is the key to aging gracefully. Great product!
Reviewed by:  from Upton, MA. on 3/17/2017
5 Stars
Great fun
It's so much fu.. intsead of just sitting and watching Tv I can practice. I pick up basic balance quick and I am starting to want to get into some more advanced moves. I can't wait till summer so I can get out side with it and see in it helped my slack line skills
Reviewed by:  from Sunderland. on 3/13/2017
5 Stars
Just as great as I remember 15+ years ago. The zippy rock is great for beginners and intermediates. But advanced riders can still have fun on it too.
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn. on 2/13/2017
5 Stars
We picked up a ZIPPY and a Nub. Our kids (and the grown ups) are loving both. The kids work on their balance all the time now , without even thinking about it. Boards are made of beautiful wood with awesome graphics. Super high quality and great to have around the house! Awesome company, thanks Vew-Do!
Reviewed by:  from Wilton, CT. on 1/8/2017

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