Vew-Do Flow Balance Board w/Roller
Flow Deck and Roller

Vew-Do Flow Balance Board w/Roller

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  • Intermediate Balance Boards
  • Good For:
  • Intermediate to Advanced Riders
  • Snowboarders/Surfers/Board Sport Enthusiasts
  • Kids to Adults (50lbs - 450lbs+)

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Logo Riding Mat (Black) [+$79.95]
Foam Teeter (Beginner) [+$12.95]
Wood Wobble (Beginner) [+$22.95]
101 Mini Roller (Beginner) [+$33.95]
Zippy Roller (Beginner) [+$33.95]
El Dorado Roller (Advanced) [+$33.95]

Flow Deck and Roller Combo:

The Flow, our best-selling Vew-Do Board, was designed with two things in mind: agility and speed. Quick, responsive, and great for full-body conditioning, the Flow board is set apart by the hardwood angle tapered rock- allowing for faster movement by creating more efficient transfer of rotational energy from your hips through your legs down to the board.

Made with the same attention to detail as all Vew-Do Balance Boards, the Flow boasts an hourglass shaped 7-ply maple deck with a high density injection molded rail system and environmentally friendly STS traction surface. The solid hardwood rock is designed with a 31 degree angled-taper allowing for maximum maneuverability and with minimal board to ground contact making it perfect for an intermediate to advanced rider.

Difference between the Zippy and the Flow:

Although the decks are shaped differently both the Flow and Zippy decks have the same overall running length and are similar in performance. The most significant difference in performance is designed around the Rocks (or rollers). The longer Zippy rock is machined with our patented outrigger design which act as "training wheels" when a rider applies toe or heal pressure to the board. The outriggers allow for increased stability when performing maneuvers requiring toe and heal pressure such as turning spinning and tilting. It's the outrigger design that makes the Zippy ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Conversely the outrigger-less design of the Flow rock allows the rider to achieve greater toe and heal performance at higher angles thereby making the Flow more challenging and performance driven. The Flow is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

5 Stars
It's fun but i have yet to master the not falling ...
I have sciatica (lower back pain) - I got the board for combatting that. Within a month of riding on it 20+ minutes a day my back pain was gone. In the first session i noticed a huge reduction in back pain. I can't recommend the Vew-Do Flow enough. The kids love playing on it as well. It's great for developing their balance for board sports (which is another big reason i got it, though not the main one) my 2 year old and 6 year old have a blast on it.
Reviewed by:  from Maine. on 1/15/2015
4 Stars
Fun to use
This board is fun to use at home in free time. The only problem I have had is that the traction tape wears down from riding it too much.
Reviewed by:  from Pennslyvania. on 4/8/2015
5 Stars
love it, use it in the office for stress relief. great quality and workmanship, exactly as represented.
Reviewed by:  from wisconsin. on 4/1/2015
4 Stars
Snowboard Instructor
It was tough deciding which balance board to get, but seeing that this was their best seller, I figure it would be a good all-arounder, particularly with the beveled edges which I knew would force me to use my toe & heel edge muscle groups for snowboarding. The product itself seems to be holding up so far. Although the plastic guides for the roller have already started to show some wear from rugburn. None the less, still a great product. When done properly, it really will test the honesty in your core's capabilities. Focus is always the key, no cheating your way out of this thing.
Reviewed by:  from Waterloo. on 1/22/2019
5 Stars
Great for the whole family
Out entire family loves this board!!
Reviewed by:  from Waban, MA. on 1/14/2019

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