Vew-Do El Dorado Blue Balance Board w/Roller
Blue El Dorado Deck and Roller

Vew-Do El Dorado Blue Balance Board w/Roller

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  • Intermediate Balance Boards
  • Good For:
  • Intermediate to Advanced Riders
  • Aggressive & Extreme Athletes
  • Kids to Adults (50lbs - 450lbs+)
  • What's In The Box:Blue El Dorado Board & Advanced Wooden Roller (Surf 33 / El Dorado Roller)

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Beginner Dual Direction Foam Teeter [+$24.95]
Beginner 360 Degree Urethane Wobble [+$24.95]
Step 1 Beginner Wooden Roller (Mini 101 Roller) [+$29.95]
Step 1 Intermediate Wooden Roller (Zippy Roller) [+$34.95]
Step 2 Intermediate Wooden Roller (Flow Roller) [+$29.95]

Discontinued until further notice. Add your information to the Waiting List to be notified when El Dorados are back!

Blue El Dorado Deck and Roller Combo:

The El Dorado is currently our most challenging balance trainer. Inspired by both snowboarding and skateboarding, the El Dorado allows the rider to push the limits in traditional balance riding because of a design that allows for a much faster and responsive balance board. With extremely quick toe to heel rotational performance of the El Dorado, this board is a must for people trying to mimic challenging board tricks for fun or people wanting to introduce more difficult stability training into their workout.  

The El Dorado boasts an aggressively tapered 4.5 inch roller in addition to increased roller diameter. The concave deck is 9.5 inches wide with full grip tape surface and increased nose and tail length providing the perfect challenge for advanced riders looking to test their agility and balance.

The El Dorado is also available as a red Balance Board.

5 Stars
Awesome board that I’m glad I splurged on! I call it a splurge because I still have a 12-year-old Vew Do Indy board that is in perfectly good shape thanks to your awesome build quality. So I didn’t “need” the El Dorado. A few weeks ago I revisited the Vew Do site and ordered a Zone board for more general fitness use such as planking, push-ups, etc. But while there I spotted the El Dorado and got so tempted. My favorite color is blue, my car is a Cadillac, and my board sport of choice is skateboarding. So this board really spoke to me, and I talked myself into ordering one. So glad I did! I gathered that the El Dorado replaced the Indy as the most challenging board in your lineup, and I do find it to be even more challenging and fun than my trusty Indy. Definitely a great add to my Vew Do quiver!
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 10/19/2020
5 Stars
IT Professional - Snowboarding Enthusiast
Vew-do makes an excellent product. Quality: 10/10 - made of a real skateboard deck, with real grip tape. The rolling mechanism is very sturdy and it has held up nicely after daily use and aggressive “vew-do-ing”. Fun 10/10 - use while you’re watching tv, on the phone, or anything that requires being stationary. This thing will keep you entertained and challenged. I highly recommend this product to anybody who is trying to practice balance or simply trying to have a “fidget device” to help them calm their movements. One last note, I had a vew-do board as a kid 15+ years ago. The quality and fun hasn’t changed. Great product made by a great company that clearly values the quality of their products.
Reviewed by:  from Washington DC. on 1/22/2020
5 Stars
I bought two years ago after breaking my collar bone to work on my skateboarding balance skills and have been using it regularly since. What I've discovered it that it actually made a much better skateboarder. I'm able to easily skate sections of the park that I wasn't before. All the work it does on all your micro core balancing muscles really pays off. Great buy. Love it. And it'll take your skating to another level, especially if you're a beginner. Worth every penny.
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 4/21/2019

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