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Vew-Do Balance Board Baseball & Softball Power & Eye-Hand Coordination Training

Posted by on 9/8/2016 to News
Vew-Do Balance Board Baseball & Softball Power & Eye-Hand Coordination Training

In order to be a successful athlete, there are a few basic components that separate the best from the average. While some of these traits may be individual to a particular sport, there is one in particular that is required to excel at any sport- and that is having a strong core balance.

Take baseball or softball for example. Playing one of these sports requires that you can successfully coordinate movements with your hands, your feet, and your eyes and the best way to improve this ability is to work on your core stability and balance. With better balance and a solid core, you increase your power, strength, and hand-eye coordination- all fundamental skills one needs to excel at batting, fielding, catching, or base running.

Like anything that is built solid, you must start with the foundation. When it comes to the human body, the core is our foundation, and having balanced and stable center is an integral part in releasing the perfect pitch or following through with the perfect hit. Without a balanced center, the rest of your method is likely to be flawed.

Vew-Do Balance boards are tools used for balance training to aid in bettering your technique by improving your core stability and balance. Below you will find a variety of exercises that can be done with most Vew-Do boards that aim to help improve your balance both on and off the field.

Eye Hand Coordination Drills:

  • Soft-toss hitting - The same drill you've been doing for years, except now you'll add balance stability to it. Using a bucket of wiffle balls and a fence as a backstop, balance on your Vew-Do and have a teammate or coach soft-toss pitch them as you practice hitting.
  • Ball-to-glove drills - Balance on your Vew-Do Balance Board while you catch and throw to a teammate. Or practice throwing and catching solo by bouncing a tennis or rubber ball off a solid wall.

Balance Training Drills:

  • Lateral & heel/toe balance recovery - Mount the board comfortably with your feet placed slightly outside shoulder width. With your knees slightly bent, Put the board in motion laterally by alternately weighting and un-weighting from one side to the other. Practice heel/toe balance recovery by pivoting your ankles from heel to toe. Remember to keep your hips centered in relation to your body and the riding deck of the board.
  • Hip rotation - Use the same stance as the lateral exercise. Keep your lower body stationary as you rotate your upper body at the hips. Using a teammate or coach, add a live catch and throw step to each rotation for additional eye-hand coordination drilling.

Balance Board Strength & Power Drills:

  • Power! - Perform lunges, squats, push-ups etc, using weights, resistance bands or your own body weight. Increase the intensity by increasing the speed and frequency of the exercises.
  • Plyometrics - Increase upper and lower body power using lateral and vertical jump training drills or plyometric push-ups.
Vew-Do Baseball Balance Board Training

Vew-Do Baseball Balance Board Training

Vew-Do Baseball Balance Board Training

Adding these exercises to your training protocol will not only help improve power, balance and coordination, but will also stimulate and recruit additional stabilizer muscles not normally trained during conventional workouts.

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