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Brew testing out the all new Surf 33

Posted by Keith on 4/27/2017 to Training Videos

Balance Board Svend Press Variation

Posted by Keith on 3/9/2017 to Training Videos

When doing a Svend Press, adding a balance board may look easy.  However, if you stay focused on maintaining good form, keep solid pressure on the weight, and slow it down, you’ll feel the effectiveness on your inner pecs very fast.

Muscle Groups TargetedChest, Shoulders, Forearms and Triceps

Sam Tabor - Best Balance Board Ever?!

Posted by Keith on 2/24/2017 to Training Videos

Sam Tabor just found out that there are such things as REAL balance boards...no need for skate decks and soda bottles Sam!

"I never knew a real balance board even existed! Big thanks to Vew-Do for sending me this, it's so fun! Hope you guys dig this! Subscribe for daily videos, click the bell and thanks for watching!

Buy a balance board!"

Better Balance, Better Trail Running

Posted by Keith on 2/21/2017 to Training Videos

Most people have come to see fitness as a series of separate fundamental components that are easily identified and measured – cardio endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, etc. Often times, motor control coordination is forgotten as one of those integral pieces of keeping fit.

For some exercise routines such as with yoga, balance is an obvious focus, but there are quite a few training routines that seem to forget how important a role balance is to maintaining correct form and a fit lifestyle. For people who run in particular, balance could not be more critical, because the actual act of running is in itself a balancing act. Yet for many runners, balance is not often focused on.

Indoor Stand Up Paddle Surf Training

Posted by Keith on 2/16/2017 to Training Videos

Looking to have fun with some dry land SUP training? Then check out Bobby Green (Amelia Island Paddle Surf Company) and Brew Moscarello (Owner and Designer of Vew-Do Balance Boards) while they show you how easy it can be to transition from a stand-up paddle board to a balance board.

Working on your toe and heel movements are excellent ways to strengthen your feet, legs, and core. Notice how Brew uses his feet, moving his heels up and down. The muscle contractions of the feet initiate the turn, and are the only connection between the board and the rider. This is why having strong, well-balanced feet and toes are so important to any board sport enthusiast. 

Improve Your Snowboard 180s

Posted by Keith on 2/7/2017 to Training Videos

Using a Vew-Do balance board, you can accurately practice snowboard 180s at home, and then take those skills to the snow. Our patented track system is specifically designed to enable rotations by pushing on your toes or heels -- just like you would on a snowboard. Other balance boards only allow you to go back and forth, which won’t cut it, and certainly won’t help you out on the snow.

Balance for Seniors, and we’re not talking high school!

Posted by Brew on 1/30/2017 to Training Videos

Balance is one of the first physical attributes that begins to deteriorate as we age.  Unfortunately, most people over fifty do very little to combat this and the loss of balance creates limitations on our physical activities and the resulting loss of confidence affects just how we approach life in general.

Yes, there is something you can do and it won’t scare you. Two of our latest Vew-Do Balance Boards, the Zone and NUB, are perfect for helping seniors reduce the effects of aging with a simple design that is super easy to use and lots of fun. With a few minutes a day on a fun and moderately challenging Vew-Do Zone or NUB, almost anyone -- regardless of age or ability -- can safely experience the benefits of daily balance training, without breaking a sweat.

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