Surf Balance Board

The right balance board for your skill and goals is confusing because there are too many similar and different options in the market. They all help develop your balance and are extremely fun to use. They have different styles to match their type of use, such as in the following ways:

Improve the overall fitness and balance

  • Trigger a healthy cardio fitness
  • Enhance physical rehabilitation and therapy
  • Improve performance for traditional sports
  • It makes activities like yoga more challenging and interesting

How to choose the right surf balance board

Evaluate the risk tolerance level

The risk is has a direct link to the action you want to accomplish. A surf balance board can cause serious injury when you take a fall. Luckily, different boards have physical makeups with varying levels of skill, as you advance to the hardest board on the market.

Ball size

  • Small balls - Some boards are fast and more responsive because they have small balls. These boards are the best for beginners and require little leg strength. Small balls allow the board to stop suddenly and keep the board at a level while fine-tuning the hips, knees, and ankles
  • Large balls - Boards with more giant balls ride slow and smooth and give the board more tilt. They require extra leg strength and can keep you off the ground; hence they are better for advanced surfers. A giant ball board requires more motion for the ankle and knees and allows the user to take extreme angles on turns


Boards have a variety of weight values, which give them different riding speeds. Large boards have a smooth transition and extra leg strength to make a turn. The light board is fast and requires one to maintain control while making a turn or move.


The backward and forward motion requires extreme coordination of feet and hips. A board with a large-sized rail size has more movement. The rail height contains the ball beneath the board. Choose a board with short rail heights if you are just starting the practice tricks and advanced moves.

Popular balance boards

Popular balance boards will help you practice flipping tricks while adding a manageable challenge. The boards allow a smooth landing and maintain stability when you change the balls. You can get these benefits from the following options:


The board is best for an intermediate or advanced level of training. You can start with this type if you have a background with beginner boards, but wish to begin learning advanced tricks. The board is inconvenient for tall users who are more than 6.5’’ because they will not offer the right balance.


It is an advanced level board that is too dangerous for the beginning user. It is the next board for surfers who advance from the zippy board.


These large balance boards are best for beginners and versatile for the aggressive trainer. They allow a wide range of motion and ensure comfort despite the exercise.  

The best rides will not depend on the hours you spend working out at the studio or gym. Choosing the right board will make a massive difference in perfecting your balance for extra-curricular activities. Check out our other options and discover how they can progressively support your journey.