Indoor Stand Up Paddle Surf Training

Posted by on 2/16/2017 to Training Videos

Looking to have fun with some dry land SUP training? Then check out Bobby Green (Amelia Island Paddle Surf Company) and Brew Moscarello (Owner and Designer of Vew-Do Balance Boards) while they show you how easy it can be to transition from a stand-up paddle board to a balance board.

Working on your toe and heel movements are excellent ways to strengthen your feet, legs, and core. Notice how Brew uses his feet, moving his heels up and down. The muscle contractions of the feet initiate the turn, and are the only connection between the board and the rider. This is why having strong, well-balanced feet and toes are so important to any board sport enthusiast. 

Just as important are foot placement and foot adjustability. When riding a board without bindings (such as a Surf or Paddle Board) your body requires instantaneous and instinctive foot adjustments to allow you to remain balanced. Being able to confidently adjust your foot placement and flexation is vital to not only balance, but performance as well.

There is no better way to strengthen muscles and improve your reaction time, both of which are required to remain upright on any type of board. Only on a Vew-Do--with our patented molded rail end and stop system--can this be done.

Brew is riding the Vew-Do Zone Fitness with the optional mini 301 rock. The paddle is an adjustable Kahuna Big Stick (which stops us from trashing our paddles when playing inside).

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