Improve Your Snowboard 180s

Posted by on 2/7/2017 to Training Videos

Using a Vew-Do balance board, you can accurately practice snowboard 180s at home, and then take those skills to the snow. Our patented track system is specifically designed to enable rotations by pushing on your toes or heels -- just like you would on a snowboard. Other balance boards only allow you to go back and forth, which won’t cut it, and certainly won’t help you out on the snow.

Step 1: Learn the basics with a Vew-Do:

The first step is to learn how to get the rock up on its edge. Simply lean on your toes (or heels), paying attention to how the board and rock stay together. This is an excellent skill to learn, as it will lead to grasping many other basic Vew-Do maneuvers. (For now, however, just get used to balancing on your toes.)

Once you are able to balance on your toes/heels, you can add some motion. Begin by going out on your toes and then back on your heels. This is very close to the motion you'll make while carving on a snowboard. Tip: you are doing the move correctly if you are NOT riding the board/rock flat. The board should be on a 15°- 45° angle towards the edges (depending on how aggressive you want to be).

Last step: rotate! While going back and forth on your edge (either toe or heel) rotate the board.

Step 2: Getting your 180s locked:

Once you’re able to fully turn the balance board 180°, it’s time to step it up and simulate how it works on the snow. This skill will help get your body position correct and have you landing 180s properly.

  1. Don't fully stand-up fully--keep a slight bend in your knees.
  2. Look over the nose of the balance board, just like you would on a snowboard.
  3. Lift the nose of the board slightly in the air (as you would for an Ollie).
  4. Begin the 180 by twisting your hips and shoulders in the same direction as your spin.
  5. Since you’re not on the snow, you’ll need to fake the landing. Picture the landing and bend your knees, absorbing it, and start looking down the fall line again.

Step 3: Time to get on the snow and give it a try:

The best tip we can offer: practice, practice, practice! Perform 180s on flat, over kickers, and then take it back to the living room and work on your form.

Rider: Tyler is a long-time Vew-Do employee and board designer. (See him in the background at the archival footage at the MTV beach-house back in the 90’s). Ty also coaches snowboarding at Burr and Burton Academy, and enjoys helping the kids to become better riders.

In this video, Tyler is riding the Vew-Do El Dorado; however, any of our track boards will work, including the Zone with the mini 201 and 301 rollers.

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