Difference between the Flow and Zippy Balance Boards

Although the decks are shaped differently both the Flow and Zippy decks have the same overall running length and are similar in performance. The most significant difference in performance is designed around the Rocks (or rollers). The longer Zippy rock is machined with our patented outrigger design which act as "training wheels" when a rider applies toe or heel pressure to the board. The outriggers allow for increased stability when performing maneuvers requiring toe and heel pressure such as turning spinning and tilting. It's the outrigger design that makes the Zippy ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Conversely the outrigger-less design of the Flow rock allows the rider to achieve greater toe and heel performance at higher angles thereby making the Flow more challenging and performance driven. The Flow is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

  • Zippy:
    • Good for beginner to intermediate riders
    • 32 inch wide waist Deck
    • 4 inch diameter outrigger rock design
  • Flow:
    • Good for intermediate to advanced riders
    • 31 inch classic tapered side cut deck
    • 4 1/4 inch diameter angular rock design