Build Your Own Vew-Do Flow Balance Board
Flow Deck

Build Your Own Vew-Do Flow Balance Board

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  • Good For:
  • Beginner to Advanced Riders- Make it Your Own!
  • Snowboarders - Surfers - Board Sport Enthusiasts
  • Kids to Adults (50lbs - 450lbs+)
  • What's in the box:
  • Flow Board, Dual Direction Foam Teeter + Your Selected Roller
  • Build Your Own Level of Movement:
  • Add any in-stock roller or attachment (1) to pair with the Flow Board and Dual Direction Foam Teeter for .99 cents ($24.95 - $39.95 value). The lineup of compatible attachments all fit the Flow's exclusive patented I-Beam rail track system.

Choose Options

Build Your Level of Movement (Must Pick One) help
Discounted Accessories (Optional) help
Beginner Dual Direction Foam Teeter [+$24.95]
Beginner 360 Degree Urethane Wobble [+$24.95]
Step 1 Beginner Wooden Roller (Mini 101 Roller) [+$29.95]
Step 1 Intermediate Wooden Roller (Zippy Roller) [+$34.95]
Advanced Wooden Roller (El Dorado & Surf Roller) [+$39.95]

The Flow, our best-selling Vew-Do Board, was designed with two things in mind: agility and speed. Quick, responsive, and great for full-body conditioning, the Flow board is set apart when paired with the Step 2 Intermediate hardwood angle tapered roller allowing for faster movement by creating a more efficient transfer of rotational energy from your hips through your legs down to the board. The solid hardwood Step 2 Intermediate wooden roller is designed with a 31-degree angled-taper allowing for maximum maneuverability and with minimal board-to-ground contact making it perfect for an intermediate to advanced rider.

Made with the same attention to detail as all Vew-Do Balance Boards, the Flow boasts an hourglass-shaped 7-ply maple deck with a high-density injection molded rail system and environmentally friendly STS traction surface.

The Flow's patented I-Beam rail track system allows it to be used by all riders from beginner to advanced. Choose your own level of difficulty and work your way up by gaining balance on a teeter or wobble to then start on a wooden roller.

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