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Benefits of Vew-Do Balance Training

Posted by on 1/31/2017 to News
Benefits of Vew-Do Balance Training

As proprietors of balance, we at Vew-Do Balance boards are fully aware of the importance of adding balance training to your regular exercise routine, and it’s good to know that researchers at colleges and universities such as Harvard agree.

Experts in sports medicine and physical therapy agree that balance training is beneficial to people of all ages and of all athletic abilities. That’s because not only is balanced used in almost all purposeful movement and physical activity, but also because balance erodes over time like any other skill. Requiring sensory input, central processing and motor control, and muscle power to maintain stability, in order to stay in peak physical condition, balance training can help by being constructive in improving your mobility overall and preventing injury and falls- including as an older adult. In order to steadily stay on your feet, your body has to use various body systems at once, including the following:

Visual system. The eyes are an integral part of adjusting to our body’s position. Helping steer around obstacles and help place our feet where needed to keep steady footing.

Vestibular system. Nerve receptors in your inner ear are extremely sensitive to movements in your head and relay your position to the brain. The inner ear is extremely instrumental in keeping two feet firmly planted on the ground.

Proprioception. Or your body’s ability to create a map of your changing position by using receptors called proprioceptors in the skin, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles receive stimuli from your actions, such as your foot hitting the ground when you walk, and then relay the information back to the brain.

Balance is so instrumental in both sport training and everyday life and just like any other muscle or ability if you don’t use it, you can lose it. Having been proven to outperform many other forms of rehabilitation, anyone could gain from adding balance training to their week. The list of benefits is too long to ignore: helpful in reducing the risk of ligament problems, preventing injury, useful in rehabilitation and restoring function after an injury, improving mobility and flexibility, and improving your performance in a wide range of sports, balance training has been shown to be valuable in multiple ways and unlike many other forms of exercise training is very easy to fit into anyone’s daily routine. Try out these balance board training exercises that you can fit around any schedule.


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