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Michelle Bonang, OT, RCYT, SIPT Certified of Pediatric Play Occupational Therapy just did a great write up of both Snurfer and Vew-Do -

As a pediatric occupational therapist, balance is at the forefront of each and every therapy session. An evaluation is not performed without assessing balance. When an individual is unable to achieve a state of balance through various sensorimotor channels developmental milestones are not achieved and progress is challenged. Balance is a complex system that relies on input from the eyes, proprioceptive system (muscles and joints) and vestibular system. This input is sorted out and integrated at the neurological level allowing for adequate motor output resulting in balance.

When a child’s balance is inhibited, their sensory systems are not integrating information adequately. Neurologically, the information is unable to get sorted resulting in decreased motor output and decreased balance. By targeting the balance system through various activities, children exhibit increased focus, attention, improved core strength, motor output and, of course, balance! As an OT, the name Balance Designs, Inc. obviously struck an excited cord in my gut!

Let’s backtrack to the top of this post when I introduced you to this incredible company. At our house, we have an old school Vew-Do Board that used to be my husbands from years ago - pretty appropriate for a snowboarder, right? The board has now been passed down a generation as Henry, Lukey, and Livvy all challenge their balance skills frequently! The Vew-Do board has helped their balance in many different ways and my two oldest can snowboard top to bottom at our local mountain with Liv tearing up the magic carpet! They all learned to ride bikes at 3, and are getting into skateboarding with pretty insane balance for how young they are. Besides the fact that they are internally adventurous and outdoor beings, screen time comes with limits and ipads don’t exist in our house, I can guarantee that their time on the Vew-Do Balance Board has contributed to their skill level and balance training during their prime, neuroplastic developing years.

Besides home use, I use the Vew-Do Board in my therapy sessions as well. I love that I can grade how the board is used with each client individually, always giving them the just right challenge that their bodies crave for improvement, which is awesome.

You can read the full blog post here.

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