Balance Board Svend Press Variation

Posted by on 3/9/2017 to Training Videos

When doing a Svend Press, adding a balance board may look easy.  However, if you stay focused on maintaining good form, keep solid pressure on the weight, and slow it down, you’ll feel the effectiveness on your inner pecs very fast.

Muscle Groups TargetedChest, Shoulders, Forearms and Triceps

Tip: Start with light plates (5lb - 10lb). You don't need to go heavy to feel the burn on this one!

  1. To start, stand on a balance board while holding two weights.
  2. With your fingers pointing forward, press the plates together with your hands close to your chest. This will create an isometric contraction in your chest muscles. Position 1
  3. While still applying pressure to the plates between your hands, extend your arms directly out in front of you in a controlled, slow motion.
  4. With your arms are extended, pause for a second, then slowly return to step 2. 


  • Using a Wobble Rock or Foam Teeter greatly increases the difficultly of a Svend Press, and improves your overall gains as well.
  • Move the magnetic Wobble Rock to either the right or left of the track to increase difficulty.

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